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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 8, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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fact -- they appreciate what you did for his country. they want to make sure he's okay. >> i'm going to be okay. i will be just fine. i promise you. i'll be just fine. we'll get over this. tonight on "red eye." >> a barber shop quartets responsible for global and does the president have a crush on joanne nosuchunsky or to shy to admit it? >> no, she's uh mising. >> and finally, what is most adorable when drinking milk from a bottle. is it a cat, a tiger, squirrel or baby sloth? our animal cuteness consultant settles it once and for all next. none of these stories on "red eye cts tonight. >> i'm joanne nosuchunsky
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filling in for greg gutfeld who claims he will be back tomorrow. now let's welcome our guest. her name should be bonnie tyler the way she is holding out for a hero. i am here with jedediah bila, author, columnist of "outnumbered" on fox newschannel . his names rhymes with skeevy, but he is not. it is tv's andy levy. he has the energy of a three toad sloth, but on the other happened he has mored to. and he makes a lot of sense and sometimes he even makes dollars. next to me it is comedian, tom shillue. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> you can't spell fantasy without fat and sweaty. i'm pretty sure that is an anna gram. lange is in trouble for tweeting racially charged
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jokes. it is the subject of tonight's -- >> well, even the pc police are right sometimes.n for appeag on howard stern's show wrote, here is the scenario i am using to bleep off chick on "first take." she beats the bleep out of me and runs free and then i bleep and she is free. the happiest ending ever. there is more to the fantasy, but we don't have time. after the ensuing uproar lange said "comedy central" canceled his appearance at midnight. and he explains himself, i tweeted jokes that in the past i would have said in privacy. i know black women who could join hate women and to groups who want to be clear, go "f" yourself. if it upset the lady in question, that's another story. let me say to at carrie
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champion, if this hurt you in anyway, i'm sorry and all is for given. speaking of going too far. blach >> i do that every time i step in the shower. jedediah, what do you make of the tweets ? was it satire or creepy? >> it was creepy because he directed it at her. it seemed inappropriate. some people are saying it was harassment because he directed it at her. it was just creepy and from her perspective to sit there and be on the receiving end of that and see that coming in, if that were me i would be creeped out. of course he has the right to say this. any one of us has a right to say something idiotic, but "comedy central" has the right to say we president do want someone responsible for this
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type of rhetoric to be showcased on our network. i am not surprised. >> i understand. tom, you are a comedian. do you feel bad for him? >> so-called. >> we haven't seen any proof yet. do you feel bad that he then lost his spot on the should because of this? >> we should lose our spot to the show. we should lose a spot on every show. if they are so horrible, why do we show them on here? what are people complaining about? i hate gross jokes and it was dirty and dumb and masterbati no n it is ridiculous. clean it up. i those he come ported himself well in the explanation. he said i owe an apology to one person, that woman. that's what i was saying. remember when michael richards got in trouble and they said when he is going to apologize to america? he doesn't need to. he needed to apologize to the
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black guys in the balcony he was yelling bad words at. you have to apologize to the people you offend, but you don't owe me an apology. i don't follow artie because hoe probably tweets gross stuff. he comes out of this well because he refused to apologize. i hate the pc police and they should go take a walk among the daisies. >> take a walk. walk it off. >> artie then -- he further explained himself. he was on race wars. i think we have a clip of that. can we play that? >> i have the audacity to say a black chick on esp was hot and i said i would love to have a fantasy of her whipping me and maybe i was dressed like thomas jefferson. maybe i [bleep]. but in the end she gets away and runs free.
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are you pissed at that? she is free. >> after hearing this, do you see how maybe if he had done this on stage as opposed to on twitter it could have come off a little differently? >> you have to get the medium right when you are harassing people on the internet. this stupid thing in this culture where you cross the line and then immediately have to lose your job and this happens to report everies all the time and it happens to comedians all the time. that's terrible and it has gone way too far. at the same time there needs to be a line somewhere where human decency comes into play. the tweets are what i could make out. it does cross the line because you are targeting someone specifically and going after them. at some point it is like, you can get if trouble for that and you can get bumped at midnight. >> andy loves when people directly tweet at him. >> it is the best. >> do you feel for carrie
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then? must this have been awful? >> in no word is it okay to tweet your sexual fantasies at a person who doesn't know you and who you don't know. he said i tweeted stuff i would say in the privacy of my own home among friends. i know black women who could handle it. he doesn't know carrie champion or if she can handle it or if not. she wasn't asking for him to be tweeting his violent sexual fantasies. he screwed up. m to, i agree with you. i like the part where he apologized to her if she was offended and not to anyone else. that's fine. it wasn't the pc police who found what he did objectionable. it was a fairly broad spectrum of people from left, right, whatever. >> if you were offended you should not have a twitter account. >> bringing up the pc police, it is cowardly. >> it wasn't about the pc
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police. it wasn't a group of pc police people. >> this was a lot of people who thought that what -- what artie lange did was wrong. it is the same thing as dunham says right wing sites and you throw in right wing. >> left wing sites were not happy either. this is what you do. this is a tk particular, tom. this is a tactic, tom. it is a cowardly tactic that dunham is using to put down people who are against you. >> the thing is, he is fine. he doesn't need a cowardly tactic. there is a pc police. gavin mcginnis lost his job because he said something where anything was supposed to be said. anthonykumia lost their job.
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the reason they lost their job is there is a pc police that targets companies and they come to them and say we are in a -- an agrees group and they agree with me and you are fired. >> are we too comfortable with twitter? now people are suing it to -- are using it to voice what was going is in their head. >> if he did it on stage there would have been a context or surrounding jokes. i think this was highly inappropriate. i think there is a pc police and i don't think that is what happened here. i think 95% of people who looked at that or maybe more would have sen -- would have been horrified. >> there are women, 25-year-old women who are much grosser on twitter. >> that's true and people are allowed to say gross, disgusting things, but if they are -- if they have a high profile and have a microphone, then guess what. they may lose a job or an
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audience. that's a risk they take when they say things like that. >> we agree on that. that's ridiculous. >> i think your better point is about comedy. >> can i point out -- >> that's like a company or network not saying i don't want that to be part of my brand. >> comedy central said that. to make that decision. i am not saying that is a decision i would have made. >> the lesson i am learning is all of you care too much about twitter. >> i love twitter. >> bring it on. >> they should get off of it or whatever. the thing is it is not just comedy -- comedy central is afraid of the pc police, but they are not afraid of focus on the family. they are afraid of certain people. who are they? it is a certain group of -- who you could call -- >> this is about to get
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anti-sametic, isn't it? >> no, it is not. >> i am not sure of the network. maybe the people at midnight said, ew, we don't want him on the show tonight. >> that is not the case. >> he has off fended -- he has off fended millions and millions of people. >> i think we can all agree. we agree with me. >> should a helping happened be banned? three men were arrested for violating an ordinance against feeding the homeless. arnold abbott and two ministers were given citations after they defied the new fort lauderdale ordinance which took effect last friday. abbott has been serving four-course meals to the city's homeless for two decades, but for the to -- but fort lauderdale is passing laws aimed at controlling the homeless population. and the mayor says while abbott and the pastors may have good intentions, quote,
8:12 pm
the, pas have just been over run and were -- the parks were over run and for businesses. you love this ordinance. do you agree with the police? >> obviously it shouldn't enrage every rise common in the country, anybody who just cares about the decency of poor people. >> only christians care? really? >> yes. >> they put some jesse guy in my place. kidding. this argument that because he is doing this and serving the meals and the homeless people are concentrating on the town, no. there is nothing to that. homeless people are not making decisions based on that. how do you know this? it is very cold out here in new york city tonight. these people are knot going down to florida and they do not have the ability to move
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themselves. >> they actually said there is a larger population in florida. >> maybe he is jewish. >> i would think there is a larger homeless population in florida for certain things going on in florida and the economy there. >> they are saying though for example homeless people if they are giving out the food in the park, for example, then regular people who aren't homeless aren't going to want to go. this is their argument and not mine. they won't want to go to the park. if you do it by a business and the business suffers. >> that's your argument. >> i think it is crazy. i think it is crazy. >> down to the nitty gritty. >> i feel bad. i saw this guy on gretchen carlson's show. he set this up because his wife died and this was something they did together. trying to do a good service
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and i think if they have a problem with the homeless community they need to address that. the city should address it and don't take it out on people who are trying to help the homeless people. >> was it the city's way of addressing it? to deter people from congregating in the public area? >> feeding people is good. that's a good impulse. it is nice to be nice to people. but this guy isn't just feeding people. he is doing a street fair. it is a major production. it is like a food network showdown there. he sets it up in the park and there are tons of people. why doesn't he do it at his house. do it at your house. >> is that a challenge? >> it is. he won't do it at his house. he wants it in the park. but someone wants to take their kid to the park. look at the park. it is totally taken over by
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this guy. i think he has a martyr complex. >> this 90-year-old man has a martyr complex. i can't take it. that's the best thing i heard all weekend. >> you know who had a martyr complex? >> who? >> jesus. >> and i heard he was a jew too. >> st. peter. >> john the baptist. do you want me to go on? >> did you see those guys in central florida in a park? >> by the way, if you are homeless, i don't know what you are doing in new york. get down to florida. >> they don't have the ability to make that decision and to do the thing where you move. >> they know where to show up at a park. >> abbott doesn't plan on stoping even though he received a few citations now. how do we solve this then? will he keep getting the notices? >> i assume it will end with him being executed.
8:16 pm
>> this is a tough one. you know what would be great? if a church or temple provided the service. >> this guy loves the press he is getting and he loves taking up the city park. >> he is doing with two ministers. they were fined $500 and they may get $60 in jail. $insane. it is insane. they could have redirected them. they may put them in jail and fining him $500 for feeding the homeless. >> here is my question. you know how in the winter there are a lot of coat drives. should we not be giving them coats because they will be out in public because they will be warm? you have to wonder where is the cutoff point in the doing good and the charity it becomes a crime. >> i will tell you where the cutoff point is. he should find a place. >> the thing about the city
8:17 pm
park, it was a city park in florida and it was not that nice to begin with. >> i don't know. it is a good thing he is out there and he is feeding him. >> what about the people who report homeless and are just too lazy to cook for themselves. >> i will take a free meal. >> if this goes on we i will move to florida. >> this is to the a guy on the corner. this is martha stewart. look at the set up in the park. >> it is too nice for the homeless. >> i think we can all agree the 90-year-old man who started doing this after his wife dhied in -- after his wife died in an accident was evil. >> let's take a break. coming up, a special musical edition of "red eye." there will be a kick line and
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eaten alive? a new show on the discovery channel will show a man being swallowed whole by an anaconda. the film maker had a custom made snake proof suit and covered himself in pig blood to make him more appealing to the snake. spoiler alert, he is alive because he has been tweeting for the special. >> my name is paul and i am the first person to be eaten alive by an anaconda. >> oh my god! that is
8:22 pm
massive! >> i don't expect anyone to believe us until we show it. >> predictably, peta found the bid for ratings to be grating. they issued a statement that said, quote, shame on this wailed life expert for torturing and likely killing an animal for the thrill. meanwhile on japanese tv.
8:23 pm
>> thank god this table is made of glass. andy, in the green room you said this man is your hero and you understand why he would do something like this. >> i hillary tract all of that. he is a cheater and liar. >> why? >> he is wearing a snake proof suit and cheating. he was not being eaten alive. if he was being eaten alivey hue would be dead. he may be being swallowed alive. the snake is not eating him. he doesn't digested him. if you put food in your mouth you have to swallow it. >> and it has to pass. >> will you be tuning in to watch? >> absolutely not. i don't watch cheats and liars. >> jedediah, you love animals. >> i do. >> snakes are not furry and you can't dress them up. do you agree with peta? >> this is like taking a chicken wing and sticking it in my mouth.
8:24 pm
i can't taste it and can't chew it and can't enjoy it. what kind of psycho needs to do this? you look at your life and say you know what i need to do? i need to go in a snake's mouth and not be digested and look cool? no. you go inside a snake's mouth, you go in there naked. >> will, will you be volunteering how the rosy perez came out. >> that's right. >> mostly i am with my buddy judd here and i am with peta. this is not okay. it is cruel to the snake. imagine if a small mammal tricked us and rubbed itself in something delicious and then had us eat it and then the cats got together and ha-ha we tricked you into eating a cat. and what is the value added here? think about it. what is the value added by
8:25 pm
being swallowed by a snake. how does this advance humanity? >> maybe he wears a go pro and you can see in the snake. >> do you need that to happen? >> that would be killing the snake. you just said you sided with peta and now you want to kill a snake. >> we have done it before. i am saying we have the knowledge and we don't need people to have people discovered by snakes for the ratings. >> i think you will get things. it is an exciting show. you know who they should feed to the snake? the 90-year-old. see how he likes being a meal. homeless reptiles need to be fed too. >> fed and not teased. >> mace it, i was kidding. he is obviously a jerk. i don't like guys who make it.
8:26 pm
you know who started this? bear grills. there is only one good survivor show and that is called "survivor man, let's droud." it is him and cameras and it is him. they have a thing with filming him. and it is all by himself. >> do you ever get nervous. obviously they know thee is alive. >> and that's the problem. >> tnt a part of the ratings lying -- like a guy who crossed the tightrope wire. we know this one is. will people tune in. >> i won't because he is theeting. cheating. >> if i thought there woos a chance for the snake to win i would palm. i would watch. >> i wholeheartedly agree.
8:27 pm
>> someone else should have done it. they should have said i am doing this voiceover the bay it happened. >> i will be watching will you, or will i? coming up, the world's longest weather broadcast. a100% chance of goring. tonight's ponser is bowling. we taint to uh thur you that bowling is alive and kicking. it is the most fun you will have in a pair of communal shoes. walk down a well-lit alley today. you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try?
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...the getaway vehicle! for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. weather, just wait 34 hours. yes, roper is going for broker. "the today show"'s al roker will attempt to break the record for the longest uninterrupted live broadcast. it is like joe dimaggio's hitting streak, but important. the previous record is 24 hours, but roker will be going for an incredible 34 straight hours. they vent dubbedroker -- dubbed rokerthon. >> rokerthon ? >> oh yes. it will be live streamed.
8:32 pm
roker is asking for support by donating to the uso. now we cane it is going to charity. >> 34 hours and no commercials. tom and i did a show the other night and it was two hours and i was there for one. no commercials. that's like an eternity. this tabi will be on for 34 hours with no break? do i have that right? >> that's what it said. it is about the weather. >> you noah lot about world records. you are a title holder yourself. we have tape of one of them. can we see. >> the most adam apple bobs in an hour, tom shillue. on your mark, get set, go.
8:33 pm
>> now, imagine if you had to do that for 34 hours. >> i know, i know, i had trouble getting 30 seconds. it gets tired. >> i can imagine. the old double-a. as a world record holder, do you have any advice? >> i have the world record -- i held a world record for the longest stand up comedy show. we were there for -- we were there for a couple days. he doesn't tell the weather. he yaps. then there are things spinning behind him. i don't think he is a real weather man. he is a fun guy. >> he points out a map and reads on the prompter. >> the only meteorologist on this table when you are delivering the weather what if you have the urge to use the restroom?
8:34 pm
>> i don't know. around around hour 30 all sorts of things will happen to al roker. i feel like weather is something you can sum up. >> apparently they are having people who will tweet in questions and they are going to -- i don't know, give opinions. he will respond to them as well. like you said, i don't know how they are going to fill up. >> maybe by the end we could be certified meteor roll gists. >> that's a hard job. you used to get that job by standing in front of a screen and pointing. now you have to know your weather. >> sph you go -- let me point out that al roker has been replaced by an app. when was the last time you watched it.
8:35 pm
>> wonder what the weather is? >> my parents do. >> the older generations like. it the traffic report and the record. >> it is a little more personal. >> old people love looking at the weather in other parts of the country. >> and doppler radar, that's how you know you are a dad and have fathered children. >> i have doppler radar on my phone. >> i am not even sure if i know what that is. >> they are specking having sex. the first pour pornographic film shows them maybing love from high above. we wanted to explore the idea of making porn not war and it was a privacy and voyeurism. here is the scene.
8:36 pm
♪ >> it is so lame! >> all right. so, jedediah, will you be watching the entire film? >> not now. not after we saw that. i thought i was going to see something juicey. actual drone porn and it is a privacy violation. people would love that if it was real. people love to see what they are not supposed to be seeing.
8:37 pm
i think regular porn bores a lot of people. it is like it is acted out. people want real stuff in people's homes. it is like having binoculars. >> i hear one of the best things about porn is the dialogue and acting. >> i have never seen the porn i'm ifs with the lie dag. with the dye yaw log. >> i have seen dirty videos on-line. i don't watch porn and i don't like it and i continue think others should watch it. it is qlid includes. ridiculous. there is a reason we have clothes. we are not supposed to watch people having 6. >> some people need a lesson or two. >> they are addicted to the nonsense. i watched the video. i am a newsman and you are
8:38 pm
horrible. what a wonderful landscape. >> i can bury see that from where i was sitting. >> i understand the appeal of a naked woman. the thing about people having sex it is so gross. i don't want to look. >> will, is this art or perversion? >> it is like art in a way that it was need for a college sophomore. like you wouldn't go and he said that is the goi that did the thing. yeah i will do a beard. i am with thomas shillue in this texas something shameful and degrading is it and disgusting. when i hear this video we will get used to the idea and we will lose that last piece of shane that's the last
8:39 pm
frontier. we are already doing it with our shades open and doing it in cars. one last line we need to have. we can't make everybody cool watching jones having sex. >> he made it into something serious. the i'm women on the table. >> is make porn not war the best tag line ever? >> it is fantastic. i love how this wrap it up, ease special leal -- especially with a political statement. jedediah, i think this is a proof of concept more than anything else. i don't think pornen enthusiasts will enjoy the beautiful landscape and i don't think landscape people won't enjoy the porn. >> some of us are diverse of i
8:40 pm
can appreciate both. >> i think you will see professional porn done and you will get different camera angles, but that will be in studio. qlieng it will be out in the -- i don't think it will be out in the wild. >> as more people start doing this, the company that did this originally they wanted to do a barbecue scene. first you see a family in their backyard having a barbecue and then there is their couple. because of privacy concerns and so now i will end up in a porno. >> that's a pretty good fear. >> it is probably happening right now. >> my question is -- you can see the people have sex for two seconds. were they having sep was simulated. >> sim -- simulated? why is one minute can't be to completion? >> i will let that one dangle
8:41 pm
there. >> superman. we didn't get to that one. >> time to take a break. virtual rebounds when we come back. first, here is what is coming up tomorrow on the independents. >> tomorrow night we will break down the mid-terms and ask a simple question. now what? they will all be here. see you tomorrow night at 9:00 and midnight on the fox business network. kinda: we're new to the pacific northwest. the rain, the mud-babam! it's there. the outside comes in. (doorbell) it's a swiffer wetjet! oh, i love this! i could do this everyday. ewww. sunshine is overrated, now we can get messy. fifteen percent or more fifon car insurance.d save you everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action! blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. introducing the birds of america collection. fifty stunning, hand-painted plates,
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fright? according to a new survey, my five favorite words, most americans would be superman if they were a super hero. if they had one power it is the ability to see the future. the poll found 24% picked prague nos location and next was the ability to fly and then x ray vision, creepy, immortality, super strength and then super speed. anyway, andy wants to be superman so much he built his own fortress of solitude. take a look. >> andy, really? >> i was bt -- i wasn't expecting a cat video. >> do you agree with the polling? where would you fall in that pal?
8:46 pm
>> they gave a choice between batman, superman, -- it is a cheat because you have all of the powers. i would pick captain america because it is who i am and only slightly stronger. i would probably pick in the visibility just to be left alone. will, i think you have a joke. >> i do. i have written it down. >> go ahead. >> this many people wanted to be superman? don't they know how much reporters make? >> it is a declining profession. >> it is tough out there for us. the correct answer is flight. you are yiet. x ray vision and there is only one person for that and it is creepy.
8:47 pm
>> with the telling of the future why would people want to know that? is that really a power? >> they misunderstand. it is like the superman thing. seen in the future it is not a real super power. if you can see the future the idea is to changing it then i -- it is a cheat. it is like asking uh lat din for more -- alladin for more. the point is moot and you hospital think about it. >> i never considered. it is their day job they spend the most time on. you want to be batman. even though his suit is vaguely gay and all of that, but you don't -- is batman a gay hero? >> no. >> we have the expert on the panel. >> all of my gay friends love batman.
8:48 pm
>> because you like batman. >> here is the thing he is a millionaire, a billionaire at this point. you want to be bruce wayne. then i would hang up the bat suit. it is a real pain saving the city of wearing that rubber. that is a terrible job. daily news photographer. >> you can be thor would is like -- requests over rated. jay he doesn't need a day job he is god. first you want to put a 90-year-old man in jail for feeding people. >> you are a bunch of whiners. >> that's a good p oi nt. i bet billionaire bruce wayne creates more jobs than batman does.
8:49 pm
>> the best person to be would be wolverine. wolverine can self-heal. we are so toxic. >> and it is warm. >> very warm. >> i knew you were going to bring that up. he died. if i fall and break my arm, i am good to go. but time travel would be a great one. >> but i don't think flying i would want to do. i would fall. if you think about the elements it would be awesome. i brouse easily. super speed didn't come in. >> we don't like super speedy. >> virtual rebounding. [ male announcer ] take zzzquil and sleep like... the kids went to nana's house...
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real story with >> you can see andy on the real story on friday at 2:00 p.m eastern. coming up, greg returns.
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>> put down the wine, go online the virtual rebound is the newest form of break up therapy. maureen o'conner says after a break up a rebound is quote, exactly what you need. and now, thanks to sites like okay, stupid and apps, finding that is easier. a virtual romance provides quote, stimulation without investment or compromise. there is no real rejecting. jedadiah don't you love being called amazing? >> i think women do this virtual idea because when we break up with someone, i can't jump into the sack with someone else without having that other person i just broke up with still on my
8:55 pm
brain a little bit. when it's virtual, it's disconnected you don't have to jump in and get involved takes me a while. i have to sit with that break up. >> what do you do when you have a broken heart? >> i need to explain to me about the sex thing. what is that? what happens there? it doesn't make sense you know someone says i want to do this sex to you. you're supposed to write back -- how do you respond? >> they say sexting isn't necessary. >> i'm sick of this "sex and the city" yappity yappity yap stuff. and makeup sticks are good for my nails, shut up, already. >> all i do is tell guys shut up, get married enough with the dumb sex.
8:56 pm
guys who talk about sex all the time and blog about it. i tell them shut up because they're bored but when i tell women to shut up about it, i feel like i'm attacking feminism. >> how about just not date? >> well, that is not fair. >> that is a good point. >> i did sext with jedadiah by the way. >> what happened was personal. >> i think it's important to have someone else, >> etc. important because it gets you into that flirtatious zone with someone else. >> it's a way to move on. >> yes. >> what? >> i agree with tom. the constant blogging and everything about sex is so boring. . >> i feel bad for the women.
8:57 pm
>> very special thanks, that does it for me. i'll see you next time. you got the bargain kind? you would need like a bunch of those to clean this mess. then i'll use a bunch of them. what are you doing? dish issues? ... ... get cascade complete. one pac cleans better than six pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. now that's clean.
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judge jeanine yts.ta pirrghi thank you for being withl7te us tonight. you know, i believe in truth and po/ this pastj delivered much-deserved justice to president barack obama, his policies and his party. you put truth tor2 power to chae the direction that barack obama and yourkqáçx determination to back america was historic. majority in more than 80


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